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I proudly present 'The Diadem Chest' inspired by the Horcrux created in the wizarding series. Filled with a minimum of 11 items, handcrafted in-house and by other talented small business owners, this Chest is a must-have for fans of the wizarding world. Items will be inspired by the Diadem itself and the characters involved in creating/destroying it.


The Regular Chest includes 11 + items, valued at over £75+


What sort of things can I expect? 


Items that I have included previously (check out the past chests tab for photos!) are; replicas, bookish products, jewellery, useable items, candles, bath products, character wands - all handmade by either myself or other small business owners. 


In The Diadem Chest I can guarantee:


- A personalised item

- A recurring item (1/7), created especially for the Horcrux series 

- A house-themed item


But... there are 8+ other mystery items included!


The Regular Chest will not include a wearable.


Cauldron Crate is run by a huge fan of the wizarding universe and I take great care in choosing items that I would like to receive myself. Enjoy!


This Chest will ship around July 2023.

The Diadem Chest Regular

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