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Chest Prices

Will remain at £34.99 for a Regular Chest (worth £75+) and £59.99 for a Premium Chest (worth £110+)


Due to the current postal instability, I will only be offering tracked international shipping. I always charge at cost and if upon purchase of your shipping label the prices have decreased, I will always refund the excess shipping paid.


My chests will ship once every 4 months and you will receive around 3 Chests per year. After much debate and deliberation, I have found that this is the most realistic shipping schedule I can stick to as a single-woman run business undergoing a full-time medical degree.


For this series of Chests, there will be an option for a recurring payment (a subscription). If you select this option, payments will be taken automatically every 4 months. Annoyingly, I can only input one shipping cost for all international shipping - if you live in Europe your shipping cost should be significantly lower. I will refund the excess shipping paid. 

If you have any questions please contact me at:

 (I will usually reply within 48 hours during the working week).

All shop orders (excluding chests) take 1-2 weeks to ship as they are handmade to order

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Over 11 high-quality items per Chest, the majority of which are handcrafted!


Only ~ 250 Chests are available per theme so I can guarantee quality and timely delivery.


Items made to order and matched to your house. A guaranteed personalised item in each Chest.


How does this work?

Three Chests are available for purchase each year and are released for sale in four-month cycles. For example: if you purchase a Chest at the beginning of January, you will receive that Chest in April and the next Chest will be available to purchase at the beginning of May. 

How often will Chests be released?

A new Chest (with a new theme) will be available every four months. Please check above for the current Cauldron Crate theme.

Will it be only handcrafted items?

The majority of the Chest will contain handcrafted items made by me (Leanne) at Cauldron Crate. With every Chest, I also curate a few extra goodies from other small business owners.

What is included in the Chest?

For the Regular Chest, expect a minimum of 11 items with a retail value of at least £75. For the Premium Chest, expect a minimum of 14 items with a retail value of at least £110. Please see my past box tab for an idea of what will be included. I am committed to providing the best service for my customers and if there is anything you feel I can improve on, please don't hesitate to contact me at

When will I receive my chest?

Chests will be released every four months. You can expect your Chest in the third/fourth month. For example: if you purchase a Chest at the beginning of January, you will receive that Chest in March/April and the next Chest will be available to purchase at the beginning of May. 

How much will shipping cost?

I ship worldwide from the UK and so the cost depends on where I am sending your Chest. If you live outside of the UK shipping will be more expensive. I do charge shipping at cost and so provide the cheapest price possible for my customers! Any extra charges that may occur at customs are unfortunately out of my control. If you think the shipping price for your Chest is incorrect please email me at and I will do my best to assist you!

Do you have a returns policy?

If there is something wrong with your order please contact us at with photos of any damaged items and we will see what we can do. If you change your mind I can offer a refund on any unshipped boxes (up to 2 weeks before shipping). Unfortunately, if the items have been shipped then I cannot offer a refund.

Are you vegan friendly?

Supporting our environment is extremely important to me. My Chests are vegan-friendly and I aim to use as little plastic in my packaging as possible! When I do use plastic, it is always biodegradable.

My package has been returned to sender

If your package has been returned to me I will let you know. Unfortunately, I would not be able to cover reshipment costs in this instance.